The Best Gin & Whiskey Distilleries in the Swan Valley

When in the Swan Valley, a proper whisky and gin distillery tour is a must. If you lack ideas on places to visit, we’ve got you covered. Explore the top five distilleries open to private and group tours and give your upcoming visit a jump start!

1. Sin Gin

Gin lovers, unite! An indispensable stop for every gin distillery tour Swan Valley includes the legendary Sin Gin distillery. Try various gins like Original Sin, Aquavit, the Seven Deadly Sins series, and Perth Pink.

Both public and private tours are available that last approximately 45 minutes. The guided tasting tour includes a selection of every gin made by Sin Gin. They are open Saturdays and Sundays, allowing you to spend a weekend like no other. You also get to witness how their craft drinks are made and chat with the distilling team.

You’re bound to love the artisanal, handcrafted gin made by Kate and Mark. Kate Sinfield, whom the distillery is named after, brought her gin-making ideas from England in the 1980s. Today, Mark and Kate work with local products from Western Australia to make fun, tasty, and unique gins.

2. Limeburners and Giniversity in the Valley

The founder of Limeburners, Cameron Syme, has long been fascinated by the craftsmanship behind whiskey making. He started one of the area’s best craft spirit houses known for the one and only Limeburners Directors Cut Whiskey. Today, Limeburners is one of the rare places where you can taste craft whiskey in the Swan Valley.

On the menu, you’ll find gin, whiskey, vodka, and beer. Of course, gin and whiskey are their must-tries. The distillery is open daily, so book your tour whenever you find it convenient – the hosts at Limeburners and Giniversity will be happy to walk you around!

If you’re up for some delicious whiskey tasting, don’t miss this award-winning distillery operating tours in Herne Hill, Swan Valley.

3. Old Young’s Distillery

Old Young is a distillery you don’t want to miss while on a gin distillery tour Swan Valley. The mixture of tradition and new technologies makes Old Young true to their name. Taste authentic gins made from native Australian botanicals and local ingredients.

Visitors can step into the Tasting Room for unique gin and vodka tasting (we highly recommend their Gingin Gin!). The hosts donate money to Gingin communities from every bottle of this gin they sell.

And if your better half isn’t an alcohol fan, they can try the non-alcoholic options of award-winning gins. The distillery opens its doors from Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 5.00 p.m.

4. Great Northern Distillery

The Great Northern Distillery lies on four acres of vineyards and is the proud owner of one of the best rums in international waters – Canefire Rum. You can taste some of their best barrel-aged rum, gin, and liqueurs with a guided tour. Although primarily marketed for rum, this distillery also has some great-tasting gin you shouldn’t miss on your gin distillery tour Perth.

5. Swan Valley Gin Company

The Swan Valley Gin Company is known across the Swan Valley for making some of the best artisan gin. The distillers use premium Pandemonium Estate grapes as a wine base and the finest local fruits and botanicals. One of the founders, Martin Buck, attended spirit production courses at Adelaide University in 2017, and it was not long after that he obtained his license. The first Artisan Dry Gin followed, and the Swan Valley Gin company was formed along with Jordan Thomas. They are open Saturdays and Sundays.

Whisky and Gin Distillery Tour Perth – Ready for an Adventure?

Swan Valley is one of the best areas to visit for delicious wine, gin, rum, and whisky tasting. For gin and whisky lovers, the five distilleries above are a must-visit. Get in touch with your local guide or contact the distilleries to schedule an unforgettable, fun, and tasty tour!

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