The Top 5 Must-See Wineries in The Swan Valley, Perth

Visiting the Swan Valley is one of the best decisions you can make as a wine lover. The number of wineries in the area will likely knock you off your feet. But sometimes, this can be a downside, especially when you have to plan your trip ahead.

Luckily, we have selected the best five must-see wineries to make your Swan Valley Wine Tour memorable.

1. Lamont’s Winery

You’re likely to get overwhelmed by the wineries in the Swan Valley, but Lamont’s Winery is an all-time classic that has remained true to its origins. This is a winery with some of the richest heritages in the art of winemaking. As a family-owned winery, it’s committed to offering some of the finest wine selections in a welcoming atmosphere.

Visitors can take seats under a gum tree and enjoy the beautiful sights of the valley while sipping a glass of their favorite wine and sampling foods from an award-winning menu.

The natural setting, plenty of open space, and the availability of an inside air-conditioned area make this winery a go-to destination for weddings and large celebrations. It’s also great for relaxing family get-togethers.

Start your Swan Valley wine tour on the right foot with a visit to this fabulous winery as soon as you get the chance!

2. Pandemonium Estate

If you’re a lover of modern wines with a Spanish twist, you’ll love the Pandemonium Estate. This 4-hectare winery and vineyard runs with minimal chemical input and has some of the best award-winning wines in their selection. Sauvignon from the north of Spain, fresh Moscato, and Chenin blanc are the best products you can try in this winery.

All red wines are aged in oak barrels and remain in the bottles for at least three years. You can also attend wine tastings on various days of the week, offered either by glass or bottle. Enjoy sipping some of Australia’s most exotic wines while admiring the wonderful view of the Darling Ranges from the winery.

3. Mandoon Estate

If you’re up for an extravagant wine tour in the Swan Valley, then the Mandoon Estate is a must-visit for your itinerary. When you enter Mandoon, you step into a small village of winemakers and delighters with a fine restaurant, art gallery, boutique hotel, cellar door, and, of course, a fantastic winery.

The estate’s origins date back to 1829, when the first vineyard was planted on the Upper Swan’s fertile soil. Today, the area covers 13.2 hectares and is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the country. You can even find some 100-year-old vines!

Whether you’re visiting with your significant other or the whole family, there are things to do for everyone.

4. Sandalford Wines

Sandalford is a historic Swan Valley winery that has won multiple awards for its quality wines. This centuries-old estate has started growing together with the birth of West Australia’s wine industry. The family-owned winery has a positive reputation, premium wines, and delicious food.

Their restaurant menu is influenced by Italian cuisine, and it’s one of the most highly reputed ones in the Swan Valley.

5. Oliver Farm Wines

Oliver Farm is arguably the oldest winery in the country and undoubtedly the oldest one in the Swan Valley. It’s been operating since 1829 and is run by 4th generation winemakers. This winery is also known for using 100% Swan Valley fruit.

Don’t miss out on this historic place on your Swan Valley wine tour, as they have one of the most extensive wine selections, including chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, dry, fortified, malbec, merlot, oaked, Petit Verdot, sauvignon blanc, and many others.

Attend group wine tastings, organize your own visit, or bring the family for a Saturday afternoon of authentic wine shopping – the hosts at Olive Farm Wines will be happy to welcome you.

Ready for the Must-See Swan Valley Wineries?

The Swan Valley is the place to be for wine lovers. You can find curated wines from some of West Australia’s most beautiful vineyards with a history that dates back to the 19th century. Whether you’re after red, white, dry, or sparkling, the Swan Valley wineries on this list will offer you some of the greatest wine-tasting experiences of your life. Happy wine exploring!

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